Top Backpacks for Women who Love Outdoor Adventure

Increasing number of women are becoming adventure freaks and taking to the outdoors. Numerous women’s travel groups are offering solo exploration trips for ladies who wish to have some fun on the go. And if you are going on a solo trip, a right backpack is what you need. While there are plenty of unisex backpacks out there, women can opt for backpacks which specially cater to them for better comfort and style. Put aside those drab packs and select from the stylish and comfy picks we have for you.

How to Choose the Right Backpack for Women?

Right size: This is of paramount importance. Above 60L you might find it difficult to carry onto your plane. And could also result in over packing making it tough to carry it around. Around 30L is considered an optimum size for women travelers. In that case, you tend to pack only essentials and can easily carry it off anywhere.
Gender-based Backpack: When you go for gender-neutral backpacks, it’s usually more comfortable for men and caters to their needs. But a woman’s pack will suit you better. It is specially designed to conform to a woman’s contours. Hence it will sit firmly on your hips and fit your frame.
Front Loading or Top Loading: Watch out for which loading features suit you. If you have only one access point, you will have to unload everything to reach that one item at the bottom of your pack. Look for backpacks that unzip all the way around for easy access.
Backpack Features: Check out the features you need, based on your trip. If you are exploring, add-on daypacks will be useful. Choose waterproof backpacks if you plan a wet adventure trip or wish to go rafting. Some of the features you will need to watch out for:

  • Duffel capability
  • Cords for tents etc.
  • Provision of external pockets
  • Hidden pockets
  • Add-on daypacks etc.

Pricing: Again this depends on your requirement. Cheaper bags might require frequent replacement of parts like zippers. High-end models in excess of $200 will last longer.

Best Adventure Backpacks for Women Travelers

1. Osprey Waypoint Women’s 65 L

Osprey WaypointSpecs

Osprey Waypoint SpecsFeatures

  • The panel-loading opening which has zippers which can be locked, interior pockets and compression straps
  • Sleeping bag straps, stretch pockets on the side and ice-axe loops available
  • Detachable Day Pack
  • Side zip pockets, safe pocket for passport and the main compartment for big stuff
  • Ergo pull belt for extra comfort
  • Airscape back panel for airflow

Pricing:  $202

2. Truist Vita 55 L

Truist Vita 55 LSpecs

Truist Vita 55 L SpecsFeatures

  • Women-specific suspension adjusts to torso lengths
  • Air circulation due to 3D foam construction
  • The main compartment can be accessed multiple ways like top, front etc.
  • Bottom compartment for dirty clothes, sleeping bags etc.
  • Detachable rain cover
  • Lash points allow attachment for additional gear

3. Berghaus Motive – 60L (+10L)


Berghaus specsFeatures

  • Comfortable varying with unique fit with adjustable BIOFIT back system
  • Removable daypack with zipper pockets etc.
  • Designed to be plane-compliant and adaptable for any type of travel
  • Hidden security pocket for valuables
  • Ideal for women’s contours

4.Kelty Women’s Redwing – 40L

Kelty WomenSpecs

Kelty Women specsFeatures

  • There are top stash packets
  • Side compression straps
  • Water bottle pockets.
  • Ice-axe loops/sternum strap
  • Ventilating back panel
  • Women Specific Suspension

GO ahead, ladies, try these excellent backpacks with their stylish designs and amazing features and enjoy an action-packed holiday.

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