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Mobile Photography is a trending trait these days. Every other person buys a mobile phone while keeping the camera quality in mind. Well, the quality does matter but does not make much of a difference when used in an appropriate manner. An appropriate manner is the one where different photography tools and equipment are used to make a picture worth an AWW. Shop Moment is that one company that provides services for your mobile phones. Be it an iPhone or Android, they will give you the best that you deserve. In this article, you will read everything about the company and its services.

About the Company

Shop Moment is a company that provides all types of equipment required for perfect photography. Initially, their focus was on iPhone photography but now, they make lenses as well as covers for all smartphones.

Shop Moment provides a wide range of products at reasonable rates and lifetime warranty. It also ensures the worldwide delivery of its products.

Basically, the company ensures the smooth comfort of the hidden photographer within you who doesn’t want to get depressed because of no good camera.

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What is Shop Moment?

Just like the title suggests Shop Moment is an initiative taken just for the photographers, i.e., moment capturing freaks.

Initially, Shop Moment was all about selling lenses for iPhone but now, the business has widened in variety and is on the rocks.

Their motive is to promote mobile photography since carrying a camera everywhere can be expensive and difficult at times too.

Today, Shop Moment does not only provide products but various services as well to everyone who wishes to join them.

What products does Shop Moment provide?

The first-ever product of the Shop Moment initiative was an iPhone lens.

Today, although remote and hidden from the world, Moment company provides various products to its customers for the camera, drone, iPhone, Android, m series lenses and gimbal.

Their wide range of products starts from the phone lens and continues with phone cases, photo canvas, drones, lenses, lights, storage, bags, audio and so much more.

The services do not end here. Since Moment has become a globally recognized brand, they now have their own applications that can be downloaded on your iOS or Android. These applications have everything you need to learn about photography including products that you can buy directly from their apps.

Best selling products of Shop Moment

Being a popular name in the phone camera lens, Shop Moment has sold various products at various prices. Here, you will know about their best-selling products:

Q30 Smartphone Mobile Phone Cage Rig Stabilizer Gimbal: It is used for Filmmaking and has Wide-Angle Lens & Bluetooth Remote for smartphones like iPhone, Samsung, Oppo, and Vivo.

E-Image Q30 Smartphone Mobile Phone Cage RigBuy Now

Q30 is available on Amazon at ₹3,989.

AUKEY PL-WD02 Super Wide Lens: This lens provides wide-angle shots and is a perfect match for smartphones with no dual or triple camera. It supports all smartphones including iPhone, OPPO and Samsung.

AUKEY PL-WD02 Super Wide Lens

Buy Now

The price of PL-WD02 on Amazon is ₹2,325.

Why should one buy products of Shop Moment?

There are various reasons one must buy products of Shop Moment.

Some of them are listed below:

  • Every Shop Moment product comes with easy installation guidelines.
  • Prices are reasonable.
  • Products are reliable.
  • A wide range of products is available.
  • They ship all over the globe so accessibility is not an issue.
  • Lifetime warranty for products.
  • 24×7 service.

Shop Moment clearly promotes and emphasizes mobile photography. This is good news for those who cannot afford a camera but have the ability to click amazing pictures. Now you do not need to feel demotivated because lenses of Moment will help you capture the clear and high quality of the moment in your smartphone.

What makes Shop Moment different from other similar sites?

Shop Moment is very different from other shopping sites. Their products are reliable and have quality.

Moment initiative was taken especially for photography enthusiasts. Now it seems to accomplish as people are getting to know more about Moment.

Shop Moment is not just a site that sells products, rather, they invite you to join them in the fun and become a part of their team.

Shop Moment brings out the creativity in people who have lost any hope of it.

Today, not only the lenses but everything that Shop Moment sells has become a brand.

Return Policy of Shop Moment

Shop Moment ensures the quality of the product but in case the users are not satisfied with the products that they receive, the products can be returned at the official address of Shop Moment.

Shop moment accepts return of all sorts of orders within 30 days of purchase in original condition.

The refund of the returned product will be initiated to the buyer’s account as soon as the company receives the product. No shipping charges are refundable.

What Users are Saying about Shop Moment

Mark T.

“I am totally satisfied with what Shop Moment gave me. I bought this lens for my iPhone 6s and it enhances the all-over quality of the clicks. Thanks a lot.”

Prink M.

“Initially when I tried Shop Moment, I found the products a bit overpriced. I bought this studio light which cost me my whole month’s salary but after using it for just one month, I want to suggest everyone buy their products. I like this product though.”

Sam N.

“I liked their range of phone covers. I got a personalized one for my girlfriend and she loved it. Thanks, Shop Moment.”


Shop Moment is a perfect place for wanderers and phone photographers. Their wide range of phone lens and covers is mind-blowing. What one can’t get on every shop next door is the quality of Shop Moment’s products.

Nowadays, Shop Moment is becoming a known brand among iPhone photography lovers. What makes them different is their return policy and affordable rates.

One must surely try Shop Moment if looking for a full-time solution to bad phone photograph quality.

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