Our website backpacksreviews.com and any related, affiliated site have this privacy policy which describes all information that has been gathered when you use our site or related pages. Your use of the site and any information provided on the site is subject to the terms of this privacy policy. By submitting the information, you automatically consent for the use of the same by us in accordance with the privacy policy. An international user may, however, have a different experience as data protection laws differ from country to country. This does not alter how our policy works and all information will be guided by it only.

What Information is collected by backpacksreviews.com?

When you use our site, you consent to our privacy policy. You may provide such information by filling forms, subscribing to items, adding us to mail list and such means of correspondence. The info we collect from you is primarily-

  • Name
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Location
  • Pages you view
  • Service usage
  • Technical information
  • Device-related information

This information is usually gathered when:

  • You register on the site
  • You subscribe to the newsletter
  • Communicate via mail to us
  • Provide content or reviews
  • You respond to react to a story
  • You enter a survey

This information is not shared with third parties or distributors from any link on the website. This entails our privacy policy.

How does backpacksreviews.com use your Information?

On submitting personal information such as name and other info, we use this information to optimally tackle your use and improve site experience on backpacksreviews.com. We use this information to work more efficiently. We do not use your information which is personal for any commercial messaging without consent. Any non-personal information can be utilized to better the website optimization.

Cookie Policy

The cookie policy helps us in providing a more personalized, full-featured experience which is more interactive and personalized on the site. It is meant to enhance the browsing experience and provide better recommendations. You, however, can control how they are used by choosing to delete or not accept them. If you do not accept however you may lose out on important features. One should check the web browser after you modify the cookie settings.

Backpacksreviews.com uses cookies to:

  1. Consolidate information about the user at one place
  2. To store content to provide a personalized viewing experience
  3. To identify the user
  4. To better your online experience
  5. To make marketing campaigns better
  6. To collect details about submissions, promotions etc

How is your Information protected?

Our website backpacksreviews.com is committed to protecting all information that is provided by using multiple safeguards-technical, administrative and physical. This helps preserve all the security and integrity of the information provided. We protect information from disclosure, unauthorized access and all sorts of modification. We review our security terms on a regular basis to admit new technology. We would, however, like to reiterate that security measures are not impenetrable.

Policy towards Children and their Information

The site services are not meant for those under the designated age of consent in the home country. It is different in different countries and this policy applies to all of them. All features are age-gated and are not available for children. We ensure no information is collected from them and all such users pass through requisite age verification pop-ups.

Third party links/Advertisers

Backpacksreviews.com associates with third-party networks like –

to serve ads on the site. It uses technology to send information to browsers such as ads, links and other factors that appear on the site. We also receive the IP address and this is difficult as one can personalize advertising material. It seeks consent and will not give your private information out to a third party unless you have expressly applied to that site.


All queries and doubts regarding the privacy policy are welcome. For more info, you can contact us. Please note that the policy is subject to change and will be updated.