GORUCK Backpack Review – Best Bulletproof Bags of High Quality

Are you looking for the best backpack that is unbreakable yet comes at an unbelievable price? Look no further, GORUCK Backpacks are here. GORUCK is a high-quality brand that sells handmade backpacks and many other products like apparel, shoes, and accessories. They are created by an ex-military person. The bombproof bag is almost indestructible and a great option for a heavyweight duty. It lays its foundation on the fact that military training is stressful, heavy duty, hard and has a rugged terrain. The fact that one can use the all-weather backpacks in multiple ways constitutes for what you call rucking. Though the products sold by the company are many, the famous and original items are the backpacks.

What are the reasons to choose GORUCK Backpacks?

  • Comfortably sized bags
  • Easy to carry
  • Protective compartments for all
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Has a built-in hydration pack
  • Pocket storage space
  • Rugged for wear and tear
  • Rainproof and water resistant
  • Looks very dashing and beautiful
  • Works double for office and outdoor
  • Durable and tough

What are the Best Backpacks of GORUCK?

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GR1 Rucksack


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The GR1 is a special backpack as it combines simplicity and strength in a potent combination to bring out the best elements of the military into the civilian world. It is all pervasive and can be used in cities, daily life and even war zones. It is a tough backpack and has a separate bombproof laptop compartment. The secure compartment keeps you safe and your belongings secure.

Some important features are-

  • YKK silent zippers
  • MOLLE attachments
  • Rainproof
  • Extra padded straps and handles
  • Frame sheets that are removable
  • Easy to pack and organize
  • Hydration Port
  • Usage of special forces grade materials that is durable and has a good strength to weight ratio
  • Comfortable and bulletproof

GR2 Rucksack


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This is a bombproof bag that can carry heavy weights and is best for large travel solutions. It is a huge yet comfortable piece that is built in the USA. It is a travel-friendly and is a perfect bag for single users. It blends easily and has multiple patches and accessories. It doesn’t feel or look bulky and is extremely durable and strong.

Some important features are-

  • Molle Compatible and thus versatile
  • Easily expandable
  • Water resistant
  • Has anti-theft features
  • Flexible pockets and compatible accessories
  • Comes in three sizes-26L,34L, and 40L
  • Extra padded straps and handles for comfort
  • Sturdy base
  • Camo and color designs available

Discounts and Offers

While GORUCK products may seem expensive, they have several offers and discounts on their site which makes it viable for the quality. They have a special policy for those in service. They will receive 25% off the entire order valid for lifetime. The military, firefighters, police, students, government employees can apply for this Earned Service Discount. This has to be verified as well.

Guarantee Policy

All GORUCK products come with a Scars Lifetime Guarantee. This they do even without a receipt and thus the date of purchase does not matter. They will replace or repair as per discretion and this is a customer friendly policy.

Returns and Refunds

They have a free returns policy and even free refunds. This is also very customer focused and hence very important.


They offer free no rush shipping all across the USA that is 48 states as of now. For priority shipping, rates may be applied and vary as per region.


This is a great site for backpacks and all related gear. The guarantee is for a lifetime, offers great protection and has bulletproof plates that could save your life someday. The price may seem steep but they deliver what is promised.

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