Best Laptop Backpacks

Those who work with laptops, from students to professionals, wish to trudge it along the coolest way. And what better idea that to pop it into a stylish backpack? The best laptop backpacks should protect your device, be big enough to hold the laptop and other belongings and also look cool! With so many different brands and models, how do you determine which is best?

Ask yourself the following questions before you choose one:

  • Besides the laptop, how much stuff are you going to carry?
  • If it’s less, do you need a slim backpack?
  • Why backpack can accommodate bulk commodities?

Laptop backpacks are very essential in our present world. Everyone carries a laptop and it is also necessary to carry a laptop backpack to safeguard them. There are different types of laptop backpacks and they are available in different brands and different prices.

Here are some reasons why should carry a Laptop Backpack

  • Laptops come in different weights and sizes. Typically it ranges from 2 to 4 kgs. It also has other accessories like charger, hard disk, mouse and much more. In order to carry all these products, you will definitely need a laptop backpack.
  • Safety is another great concern while carrying a laptop. You can pack all laptop and all your accessories safely in your backpack and prevent it from getting lost.
  • These backpacks will weigh you down. Carry it on your backpack during travel will be a more convenient way to take them around.
  • Moreover, these backpacks give better posture and spreads muscle tension equally on the right and left sides of your body.

Now take a look at some of the best brands for a Laptop Backpack

We’ve rounded up the top brands her to fit every need mentioned above. Have a look and choose the one for your requirements.


Wandrd PRVKE Series

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The PRVKE is the laptop backpack from Wandrd. The most fascinating feature of this laptop backpack is its high-quality material and innovative. It is waterproof and comes with weather-resistant zippers. The backpack comes with magnetic tote handles. It also has an extended water bottle packet. These bags have a checkpoint-friendly laptop sleeve. It is also recommended by Forbes, National Geographic and USA Today and is an award-winning everyday bag. These backpacks are available from the price range of $184.

Key Features

  • Available Colors- Black, Wasatch Green, Aegean Blue
  • Expanded water bottle/tripod pocket
  • 3 Points of access to access your gear from anywhere in the bag
  • Materials-Waterproof Tarpaulin and Nylon Dobby

NOMATIC BACKPACK – Ideal for Everyday Use

Nomatic Travel backpacks

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We loved this backpack for the cool vibes it exudes. It is a tad pricey for college-goers but a great choice for young professionals on the go. It looks sleek on the outside, however, the inside space expands to tell you a whole new story. Each bag comes with 3 interchangeable panels

  • The Tech Pocket
  • A Paper Organizer
  • Shoes/Clothes Pocket

Shifts from backpack to the briefcase with a small adjustment of the strap system.

Key Features

  • Made of high-quality durable waterproof materials like a tarpaulin.
  • Hidden pockets for storing valuable items
  • Lockable zippers and reflective Ink

GoRuck – High-Quality Laptop Backpacks


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The GoRuck GR3 is useful and versatile and great for your travels. The bag is made of tough material and is used by the Special Forces for its durability. The backpack has a lot of space for attaching sleeping bags and even your clothes and shoes. It has a removable hip belt that can be attached for long journeys. There are bombproof laptop compartments (given that security forces use them)to accommodate gadgets and stuff.

Key Features

  • Bombproof laptop compartment
  • The integrated hip belt which can be detached at will
  • Multiple pockets for extra storage

Tortuga – A mix of Style and Comfort

Tortuga Setout

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For both digital and travel nomads, the Tortuga backpacks are the exact right fit and it’s got loads of amazing features. The bag is carry-sized, snugly fits your gadgets and can be easily snuggled into airports. There are front-loading backpacks which look like suitcases making it easier to keep things organized. The backpacks have a ton of pockets to manage all your stuff.

Key Features

  • All their travel gear is made from a 4-layer, waterproof material which does not scuff or tear
  • Water-resistant
  • A padded hip belt to prevent shoulder pain and transfers weight to your hips.

Peak Design – Travel Gear for Adventurers

Backpacks From Peak Design

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The Peak Design everyday backpack adapts to your ever-changing gear, lifestyle, and environment with much ease. Available in 20L and 30L sizes, it can carry laptops, documents, and all-important everyday stuff. It has all-custom hardware and minimal dangling straps. The bag has many unique features including side handles, a waist belt, back handles, top handles, hidden carry straps and a lot more. The design is ergonomic and is available in two colors – sage and black.

Key Features

  • Every backpack comes with a clever divider system with packing tools for storing different things like laptops, clothes etc.
  • You have easy access to things with no difficulty
  • External lash means more carry options
  • Very well organized and accommodates all kinds of stuff


Swiss Gear SA1186 Bungee Backpack

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Swissgear offers a wide option of laptop backpacks. They are available in different sizes, colors, and prices. Their new Swissgear 5358 USB Scansmart backpacks are one of their best laptop backpacks. This bag has a TSA friendly lay-back panel. It has separate compartments for laptops and tablets and also a crush-resistant sunglass pocket and organizational pocket. The striking feature of the bag is their inner panel which when unzipped becomes a shoe-bag that can be easily accessed from the sides. It also has a phone charging hub and front quick access quick pocket. This backpack is rated 4.8 by the customers and has also received over 100 positive reviews. This laptop backpack is available from the price of $120.


Targus Buy Now

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Targus also offers a lot of laptop backpacks from choosing from. You can choose any of their backpacks to suit your device. The laptop backpacks from Targus are highly professional and they have high capacity. These backpacks are best suited for all purposes including school, work, travel and commuting. You can choose the slimmer ones or lightly weighted ones or even the heavy ones according to the type of your laptop. All their bags also come with a water bottle and umbrella pockets and they are available in different colors and sizes. Targus laptop backpacks are available from a range of $35.


Timbuk2 Laptop Bag

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Be it an 11’ inch or 13’ inch or 15’ inch laptop. Timbuk2 has a backpack for every size. They offer different varieties of a backpack for each of the different sizes. You can also choose from genuine leather backpacks or the bomber sateen backpacks. All their bags have received good reviews from their customers. The bags are durable and spacious and can safely hold your laptop and its accessories. Their backpacks are best suited for everyday use and also for travel. Their laptop backpacks start at a price range of $99.

These are some of the best brands for laptop handbags. Go grab the right one for you.

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