11 Backpacking Travel Tips Across Any Continent Or Country

Planning your backpacking trip is exciting and stressful. Once you announce your plan to go on a trip across a country all by yourself, be ready to receive advice and recommendations from family and friends. Now, most of the advice is going to be general as you what to avoid, to be safe, keep them posted about your whereabouts and many more.

By now you would have probably decided on the place your planning to visit and looked into travel options. Let’s take your initially planning further and help you plan the best backpacking trip you would go on. Let the fun begin.

1. Research the country your planning to visit

Make sure to check out the tourist season as that is when everything would be expensive and crowded. If you’re a budget traveler it’s best you avoid those periods. Next check the season going on so you can pack accordingly. Mark the tourist spots you would love to see or if you plan to see the lesser famous spots.

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2. Keep your schedule flexible

If you’re the types who love to plan the entire trip and book your stay and tickets all in advance you might want to give that a thought. As a backpacker, your itinerary should be flexible. You might want to stay in a place longer cause you fell in love with the place or made great friends. Book your first three days of stay in your first location and plan the rest later. This would make sure you enjoy each place at your pace and save money cause you don’t have to cancel pre-booked flights and stay.

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3. Pack light

Find yourself the perfect backpack which would hold all your stuff for the entire trip and is comfortable to carry around. You might have to carry your backpack while your moving cities so it’s best you pack light. You don’t have to carry your entire wardrobe! Pack according to the weather and places your planning to visit. Bring clothes you can wear multiple times and are easy to dry and wrinkle-free. Dark colors should be your favorite as they don’t look dirty. Don’t forget to pack medicines. It’s a scary thought to be sick in an unknown country. Be prepared with your regular over the counter medicines so you won’t have to find a local pharmacy.

4. Download maps of the city you’re in as soon as you get Wifi

Getting good wifi or any Wifi at all during travel is sketchy most of the time. So whenever you get good wifi, download the map of the city your in, this even when you are offline you would know your way across the city. It’s practical and easy, as maps will show you the city roads and any recent searches even when you are offline.

5. Set your budget so you know your spending limit and don’t go overboard

You would end up missing late-night parties and shopping, but you would enjoy all the breathtaking views and culture. Or you could always balance out your expenses by compromising on stay by living in hostels, sharing space and traveling through local transportation, buses, and trains.

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6. Familiarize yourself with public transportation

It’s going to save you a lot of money. Also when traveling like locals you get to interact with locals and learn about their culture, food, spots not known to tourists and may end up making a friend in a new destination. Ask suggestions while traveling with the natives, you might end up visiting hidden gems of their city which not many travelers would know off.

7. Bookmark all the places you get free Wifi

As these days it’s all about updating our social media accounts it’s a must to have internet connectivity. You can get away from buying a local sim once you figure out the places that let you use free Wifi. You can always bank on Starbucks, H&M, McDonald’s and Primark to name a few.

8. Get to know the local culture, customs, and cuisine

It’s one of the best parts about traveling is that we get to learn about a different culture, customs, and cuisine. Talk to the natives and learn from them about their cuisine and culture it’s way better than reading it online or in a book. Enjoy the local cuisine you never know you might end up loving it. By learning about their culture and customs you would know how to behave in certain places and don’t offend them.

9. Carry your favorite book or music with you while traveling

You would get a lot of downtimes while your traveling from one place to the other which can be utilized by reading a book or listening to music. It’s important to keep yourself entertained during long and short journeys so you don’t get bored or feel lonely at times.

10. Fit in with the locals

This way you would enjoy the place and also be safe from unwanted harm by not standing out as a tourist. No matter how safe the country or city is your visiting there are always bad people lurking around searching for their next prey. It’s always better to be prepared while your traveling alone. Enjoy the place by trying to hide the fact that you’re a tourist by making some small changes while roaming the streets. You can hide your waist pouch under the clothing your wearing, use maps on your phone rather than carrying a physical one which is a dead give away.

11. Keep in touch with your family and friends back home

You are going to be having the time of your life with all the adventure and fun things you’re doing, which makes it easy to lose track of your life back home. Utilize the downtime and get in touch with your folks back home with the call or face time. Let them know about your whereabouts and that you are safe. It won’t take a lot of time and will make both of you happy.

We hope you enjoy your trip and take a lot of pictures and make beautiful memories.

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