5 Best Shark Tank Travel Backpacks

When you are traveling you are out of the comfort zone of your home and you need to carry all your essentials carefully and safely! And for this, you need a backpack that is good enough to be carried around easily and looks stylish too. Traveling in summers, winters or during those harsh rainy days, you’ll need a backpack that is Weatherproof, solid in its build and quality, offers a lot of space and is stylish yet convenient. So here we have listed 5 best Shark Tank travel backpacks to help you carry all your travel essentials with ease and style:

5 Best Shark Tank Travel Backpacks

  1. Co.Alition

coalitionThe backpacks are designed with unique features and have a versatile design. The bags have amazing features which will definitely make you buy one
Key features of the bag are:

  • Thickly padded to ensure complete safety of gadgets
  • Made with waterproof technology
  • You will never run out of battery as you can always quick charge your devices with the computerized smart power charging system present in the bags.
  • Charge your bag’s power supply as well as your device simultaneously with one single wall outlet chord.
  • You can use your Wifi hotspot and connect up to 8 devices at a time. It wirelessly connects to devices and you can store the large files on the hard drive and never be short of space.
  • Depending upon the model and features you add, the bags range from $179-$479.
  1. Wandrd

WandrdWandrd has come up with stunning series of backpacks, The PRVKE Series, which has won several awards for its innovative design. It is a travel/ camera/ everyday backpack.
Key features of the bag are:

  • Made of water-resistant tarpaulin and nylon dobby
  • Checkpoint friendly Laptop sleeve
  • Weather resistant zippers
  • Expandable roll top that gives you extra space of 5 liters if needed
  • 21 liter- starting price is $184; 31 liter- starting price is $204 (the price varies as per your additions to the backpack)
  1. Nomatic 

Nomatic bagThe Nomatic travel pack is a perfect pick if you are planning 1-3 days of the trip. They are one of the most efficient ones that you would love to buy.
Some of its incredible features are:

  • Durable waterproof material and zippers
  • Travel pack weight- 4LB 3oz
  • Shoe/ clothes compartment
  • Compression cube- each travel pack has a compression cube that can help you carry more things. The cube has 2 separate compartments, one for clean clothes and one for dirty clothes. The cube compresses from 5 ½ inches to 3 ½ inches.
  • The starting price- $219.99, the prices varies as per your additions and variants of the bag.
  1. Rareform

RAREFORM The brothers (owners of the firm), Aric and Alec Avedissian, repurpose Vinyl billboards into bags. Now that’s something to really look forward to!
All the bags are:

  • Unique
  • Durable
  • Waterproof
  • Lightweight
  • Eco-friendly
  • The price range for the bags is from $70-$120
  1. Taaluma Totes Backpacks 

The uniqueness of these backpacks is that they are tailor made with the fabric of the country they represent. Also, the bags are made by disabled adults and 20% of the profits are given to farmers in developing countries through macro loans.  Once they repayment of loans is done, more fabric is purchased from them and the production starts again. The backpacks are durable and have beautiful designs that are perfect for a trip, hike, regular use etc. and are created with love and immense hard work of disabled people. The bags have laptop pocket and are categorized on the basis of the country’s fabric used. The bags range from $65-$75.

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