10 Must-Have Backpacking Essentials

Every year, we can look forward to new travel gear and gadgets crowding the market vying for our attention. If you think Googling will just provide you with all the latest travel essentials’ answers, think again. Most of them will not be worth packing or of good quality. The external appearances might be cool, but you will never get to use them.

We have spoken to some travelers with vast experience who have learned to minimize their travel gear over time to absolute essentials. Their choice is a mix of luxury and functionality in the right proportions. Based on their recommendations, we provide you with a list of the top 10 essentials for backpacking during your travel.

Zipper Cubes

Many travelers are ardent believers in these things! They help keep your backpack organized. Even though several backpacks provide their own cubes, these extra ones will do you a world of good. You can pack more in your bags by stuffing them inside these cubes. Some of the cubes we recommend include the Eagle Creek which is highly durable. You can pack things tight with them and just pull up the zippers.

Power Bank

Well, this is a no-brainer. In this gadget-driven age, it’s absolutely essential to have a power bank to charge all your gadgets. With current phones like iPhones which barely last a day, it’s a must-have in your backpack when you travel. You get different types of power banks in different capacities and sizes. Heavy power banks are not needed when you’ll only be gone for the day, reserve them for the long trips and outdoors.

Noise Cancelling Earbuds

If you are wondering about what all the fuss about canceling-noise is about, try this and you will understand. We recommend a big brand like Bose. The Bose QuietComfort 20 Noise Cancelling Earbuds is great to cancel out all noise. These are super comfortable and they actually cancel out most noise from around the room or airplane. And it’s Bose, so you can imagine how the music will be.

Good Compact Camera

A good compact camera is a complete traveling essential to put into your backpack essential list. For those who do not care about pictures, be it low light or panoramic, your iPhone and Android phones will do. However, if you wish to take good pictures and good videos when traveling, a full DSLR is a must. Such cameras have incredible features, take great pictures especially when you adjust the settings, and help shoot some of the best videos of your trips.

Travel Bottles

Travel Bottles are crafted to help you explore and venture beyond the horizon. Travel bottles are great for carrying water and energy drinks you might need to keep you hydrated on the most arduous journey. Choose Travel bottles which are well insulted like for instance, double-wall vacuum insulated, so your drinks will remain at optimum temperature till the end. They should be spill-proof and also fit into your backpack well.

Digital Organizer

This day and age, we always travel with plenty of plugs, cables, SD cards, and adapters. When we travel with compact backpacks, we dedicate an entire pocket to them, but it tends to become a mess. This is where an electronics organizer will help you. It helps keep things neat and organized. Choose organizers made of water repellant and heavy duty material which are easy to carry and can accommodate versatile electronic accessories.

Document Organizer

Remember the most important things you will carry on your trip. It’s documentation, especially your transport. Keeping documents safe and tidy is a must. A document organizer is an efficient way to keep multiple projects and loose documents separate and organized and is a must for your backpacks.

Lems Shoes

These amazing travel shoes will be your best friend when you backpack. They last long and are extremely comfortable for use during travel. They will fit into your backpack easily and it’s time you get a pair right away!

Bluetooth Speakers

Everyone travels with Bluetooth speakers these days. When you’re traveling and getting ready to go out for the night or just chilling out while backpacking, having a bit of music playing in the background can really set the mood.

Duffel Bags

An essential when you travel during the day, duffel bags are comfortable, convenient and efficient for short travel. You can use it as a handbag too. Many backpacks are also available with duffel bags and you might want to check them out.

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